Furniture Delivery & Access Check Guidance

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The dimensions of the product you have chosen are clearly indicated on the relevant page on our website. Make a note of these measurements, then measure the space where the product is to be positioned, double checking width, height and length. This is to ensure that the product fits not only comfortably but proportionally within its surrounding environment.

Please consider the following: That there is sufficient space around the product for it to be used in the manner intended. Once in place, that the product will not hinder any door swings and any drawers can be easily and fully opened. If the product is to be recessed into an alcove, that there is enough room for skirtings and curtain runs. With taller products, that the ceiling height of the room in question is suitable and that the furniture will not clash with any cornices.

Tip: To help visualise the space the product is going to occupy, mark out the product dimensions on the floor with paper or masking tape. 


For all larger items please ensure there is suitable access through all the external doorways to the property.


Please double check that a delivery vehicle can easily park outside your location and that there is suitable access to the property. It is your responsibility to ensure that the product fits into your property, so please consider the following:

  • Can a delivery vehicle park immediately outside your property?

  • Is your property easy to find or are there additional instructions required? Is your property accessed by steps and are there other obstacles to consider such as narrow gateways, railings, lifts etc.?

  • Have you checked that your product will fit through all the doors necessary to get it to its intended location? Our delivery teams will not remove doors, windows, or any other fixtures to facilitate the delivery, and are unable to assist with the attachment of any products to walls or installation of any electrical items.

  • Are there narrow corridors or internal steps to negotiate? If there are turns to be made, is there sufficient space to manoeuvre the product in question?

  • Are there any internal obstacles such as projecting or hanging lights, artworks, beams, radiators?


Consider the measurements of the product you have ordered. Measure the heights and widths of all hallways and doorways through which the product will need to pass when being delivered.

Now check that the delivery route is suitable. The height and lengths of the furniture must be less than all door frames and access doors. The depth of the furniture must be less than the width through the narrowest points of access. In other words, the item you are purchasing must measure less than all locations it will pass through to ensure a successful delivery.

Don’t forget to consider any obstacles such as turning circles (stairwells), hallways, low ceilings, banisters, fixtures, radiators and light fittings. These may affect the accessibility of the furniture. You should consider the entire path from the delivery van to the final destination.

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